Information about me and philosophy of InTouch

Dear Parents,

Thank you for considering InTouch Tutoring and Educational Services to help you meet your child’s learning needs in Math and Science. I would like to take the moment to introduce myself. My name is Ayo Olufade. I am the founder of InTouch. I possess a bachelor of science degree in Biochemistry from Iowa State University and a Master of Science degree in Biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University. I have worked as a biologist in the academic, corporate, and governmental scientific communities for many years before transitioning into teaching career. I am a highly qualified secondary school science teacher and a adjunct college professor. I possess an Advance Professional Certification (APC) in secondary School Physic, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics and a Administrator I Certification, with ten years of teaching
experience in both secondary and college level.

As an educator, I have played a significant leadership role wearing many hats to promote student achievements including serving as a Chair for a Science Department; Coordinator of a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) program; Coordinator of Science Bowl/Club; Team Leader, Science Teacher; member of a School Planning Management Team; and Summer Space Medicine Academy. These experiences have helped me hone skills in Student Assessments, Program Evaluation, Student Discipline, School Safety, Policy Development, among many other relevant skills.

As an approachable and versatile professional with a propensity for continuous educational improvement, I believe my combined professional scientific experience, teaching, and administration skills places me in a uniquely qualify position to create a tutoring and educational services to help your child achieve his or her educational goals in both science and math and promote student development. My vision is to aid in the healthy cognitive and emotional development of your child in science and math through mentoring, promotion of standards of academic excellence, and fostering communication within the school community as a dynamic school educator.

I believe that every child can succeed academically despite his or her socio-economical background. As an educator, I believe that it is my responsibility to help my students reach their greatest academic success, gain knowledge, and skills at their grade level require in their daily lives. I believe that teaching must be organized and structured, teaching must be student 3 centered, teachers must set high expectation for students to meet, both students and teachers must be held accountable for learning behavior, and student’s education must be supported by parents. This belief in our children’s education inspired and motivated me to create InTouch to positioning and repositioning your child’s learning needs in the 21st Century science and math innovation of learning.

I hope you will chose InTouch to help you positioning and repositioning your child’s learning needs in the 21st Century science and math innovation of learning.

Your sincerely,
Ayo Olufade
Founder & CEO of InTouch